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DTI 6/40 Thermal Imaging Camera

DTI 6/40 Thermall Imaging Camera

527020-9902 - DTI 6/40 Thermal Imaging Camera : Identify more details. With excellent image quality.

Identify more details. With excellent image quality.

When hunting at night, every detail counts. With the DTI 6 thermal imaging cameras, you won't miss a thing – ZEISS' innovative ZEISS Smart Image Processing (ZSIP Pro) algorithm delivers a sharp, high-contrast thermal image via the 640 × 480 sensor with 12 micron pixel pitch and the 1024 × 768 HD AMOLED display. ZSIP ensures that you can perfectly identify key details under difficult conditions and with low thermal contrast.

The battery supports 6.5 hours of continuous use and can be quickly and easily replaced on the go. Identify individual details even more reliably in order to more quickly and reliably identify your target – for maximum hunting success.

The ZEISS DTI 6/40 has been designed specifically for hunting in the open field and, with a range of up to 2 km and 3x optical magnification, ensures that details are easily identifiable, even at longer distances.

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Key Features
  • Ergonomic, Ambidextrous Controls
  • 10x Digital Zoom in 0.1-1.0x Steps
  • 2187-Yard Viewing Range
  • Stream & Share via Zeiss Hunting App
  • 1024 x 768 AMOLED Display
  • Fog, Universal, Discover, Identify Modes
  • 4 Custom Observation Profiles
  • Battery is Easily Replaced in the Field
  • 40mm Focal Length, 11 x 8° AoV
  • 16GB Onboard Storage
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