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Select GM Pickup Trucks 2016-2017 Vehicles with 7"
Model Number: MCIGM52
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Get rid of blind spots in your vehicle by installing safety cameras with PAC’s MCI-GM52. The multi-camera interface gives you the ability to add up to four cameras on your vehicle to give you more visibility into blind spot areas, enabling a safer and more informed driving experience. The touch screen GUI gives you the control to switch between your camera views manually, creating a responsive, customized, and seamless viewing of your blind spots. Suggested EchoMaster cameras include CHMSL Camera: PCAM-CHMSL-SIL, Front Camera: PCAM-10FF-GM, Blind spot Cameras: PCAM-BS1, and Wireless Camera: RVC-W2. Features: 4 camera input (RCA) Output to factory 7" screen Touch screen GUI Selectable (on/off) automatic turn signal activation of side cameras Selectable (on/off) automatic reverse camera activation Retain factory reverse camera or add aftermarket camera Override factory reverse camera for multi-camera viewing Dedicated camera power output for 4 cameras (12V 500mA) Retains all factory features Includes: Integration module Power adapter harness Camera input and power harness Installation accessories (NVH kit and cable ties) Instruction manual
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