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Monster Illuminessence Portable Multi Color Orb

Water Resistant, reachargeable,Multi-color light,Works with Alexa, Siri & Google Assistant,Wifi app

Monster Smart Illuminessence, an industry leader in home lighting décor, announces a new line of Smart products including the portable and multi-functional Orb. This new LED lamp offers a modern approach to ambiance and personal expression. Due to its custom design, Orb creates fun and compelling atmospheric impressions in any setting. Orb can be used on tabletop surfaces, suspended from ceilings, or held in hand by the built-in handle. This multi-functional design gives the user free reign to implement Orb in creative and interesting ways in any environment. Orb is rechargeable and water resistant, so it can be used outdoors without the need to plug into an outlet. Orb’s lighting effects can be controlled through your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to access all its features through your smartphone or voice assistant devices via the Monster Smart app. This method gives you the greatest control of color, brightness, speed, patterns, and color-changing modes for all your Monster Smart lighting devices simultaneously. Pair multiple Orbs together for uniform control or control each unit individually.


$59.99 EA
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  • Wi-Fi and voice controlled via Monster Smart app and voice assistant devices
  • Multi-color and dimmable LED light effects
  • Custom engineered design can be used on tabletops, suspended from ceilings or held in hand
  • Pair Orbs together or control individually
  • Rechargeable and water resistant for indoor and outdoor use

UPC/EAN 805106892586
Length 6.9in
Width 7.6in
Height 7.6in
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