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Gary Fong Lightblade Diffuser

Gary Fong Lightblade Diffuser


$59.95 EA
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  • The LightBlade Diffuser mounts directly onto the flash head and is attached using the Gary Fong patented strap and band mounting system – this allows photographers to conveniently shift shooting between a horizontal and vertical orientation without changing the light angle or having to remove the LightBlade Diffuser.
  • The LightBlade Diffuser softens harsh light minimizes shadows and reduces glare – producing more accurate skin tones.
  • Portable and compact size of this combined bounce and shoot-through diffuser make it a perfect solution for event photography portraits interiors and products shots – all at an attractive price.
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  • Made in USA.

Manufacturer Number LB-01
UPC/EAN 813100019304
Weight 0.237 lb
Height 8.2 in
Length 1.5 in
Width 5.6 in

Warranty Duration 1 YEAR
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