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Gary Fong Bounce Panel For Sony

Gary Fong Bounce Panel For Sony A6000, A6300, A6500


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  • Compact and versatile the unique hot-shoe mounted diffuser elevates and disperses the pop-up flash in a unique and powerful way. As a bounce panel the compact pop-up flash becomes exponentially larger resulting in softer light on the subject reducing the harsh side- shadows and hot-spots that pop-up flashes often create.
  • Compact and versatile solution to reduce the harsh side-shadows and hot-spots of pop up flashes.
  • Half Cloud Panel is for more efficient use and neutral tones ideally suited for event candids.
  • Amber Panel designed to mimic warmth of setting sun or the color temperature of tungsten lighting for proper balance.
  • Set includes both versions (Half-Cloud Amber).
  • Doubles as LCD screen protector
  • Compatible with Sony a6000 a6300 and a6500.

Manufacturer Number BNCPL-02
UPC/EAN 813100019243
Weight 0.0772 lb
Height 6.6929 in
Length 1.5748 in
Width 4.3307 in

Warranty Duration 1 YEAR
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