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Zeiss Victory SF 10X42 Waterproof Binoculars

It's light weight, unique design and dynamic fast-focus feature allows for hours of birding

Rediscover the world of birdwatching with the ZEISS Victory® SF. You can experience every spectacle nature has to offer with brilliant optics and an unparalleled wide-angle field of view. Thanks to its light weight, unique ergonomic design and dynamic fast-focus feature, the Victory SF allows for hours of relaxing birding without fatigue. The Victory SF is the new benchmark for birding and wildlife observation in the 125-year development of ZEISS binoculars.

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92% Light Transmission

The Ultra-FL Concept is containing several SCHOTT fluoride glasses for absolute color fidelity, brightness, clarity and the finest resolution of details, even in the harshest conditions and most challenging environment.

Wide Field of View

With birds often hiding in dense cover, it’s essential that you have a wide field of view to allow you to spot any slight movements. The wide field of view of the ZEISS Victory SF binoculars increases the observable area of interest by up to 20% in comparison with other binoculars. Depending on the model, the field of view is between 120 m and 155 m, giving the user an impressive overview.

True-to-Life Image Quality

Compromises cannot be made when it comes to bird identification – fine details have to be recognised within seconds for an accurate and reliable identification. The ZEISS Victory SF family was developed to master the most demanding situations encountered in birdwatching. The optical performance was maximised with a UFL Concept. This allows the user to master the most demanding of bird-watching scenarios, ensuring every precious moment is captured with absolute clarity.

SmartFocus Concept

The outstanding SmartFocus concept allows you to respond as quickly and intuitively thanks to the improved focusing speed. The focusing wheel is positioned in the triple-link bridge to allow for a comfortable, natural hand position. The anti-slip surface allows for easier, more precise operation and ideal focusing.

ZEISS T* Coating

ZEISS T* coating is a guarantee of the brilliant, high-contrast images¬¬ which you will experience above all in adverse light conditions and in the twilight. Behind it, however, there is no specific formula for building up the layers. Instead, it is a technology that is constantly adjusted to suit new glass materials and requirements, which varies from lens to lens.

ErgoBalance Concept

Thanks to the ErgoBalance Concept, the binoculars are ideally balanced in the hands and enable prolonged and steady observation with minimum fatigue by reducing stresses on the muscles of the upper and lower arms.

Clear Views

There are always exciting things to be seen in the world of nature – even in wet weather. This is why ZEISS developed LotuTec®. A coating for the lenses of binoculars and spotting scopes that enables a clear and unhindered view in all weather conditions.

Manufacturer Number 524224
UPC/EAN 740035997738
Weight 5.5lb
Length 16.5in
Width 4.25in
Height 5.5in

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