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Zeiss SFL 8X30 Waterproof Binoculars

It's light weight, unique design and dynamic fast-focus feature allows for hours of birding

523023 - Zeiss SFL 8X30 Waterproof Binoculars :

ZEISS is introducing the ZEISS SFL 30, the newest, lightest and most compact binoculars to the ZEISS SF family. The ZEISS SFL (SmartFocus and Lightweight) stands out for its exceptional optical performance combined with an extremely compact design and low weight. The new binoculars come in two models, the ZEISS SFL 8x30 and 10x30 configurations. ZEISS SFL 30 is the latest addition to our successful ZEISS SF binocular family and combines the advantages of high-performance binoculars with those of compact, pocket-sized binoculars. 

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Compact and Lightweight Design

The new ZEISS SFL 30 is the most compact and the lightest member of the ZEISS SF product family. Thanks to the reduced lens diameter, the use of thinner and more closely spaced lens elements, and the rugged and durable magnesium housing, the ZEISS SFL 30 is up to 23% lighter than comparable models. The binoculars are extremely compact and therefore conveniently fit in any bag, backpack, or jacket.

True- To-Life Color Fidelity and Sharpness of Detail – Thanks to the UHD Concept

The ultra-high-definition (UHD) concept ensures that the binoculars deliver the highest level of detail and reproduce colors with natural fidelity thanks to special coatings, high-quality glass types, and an improved optical design. In combination with their high degree of light transmission and T* multicoating, the ZEISS SFL 30 makes precise imaging possible and allows the user to reliably detect even the smallest details and distinguishing features of different species.

Simple and Intuitive Handling

“When observing nature, sometimes even a few seconds can be crucial in order not to miss the perfect moment. That’s why it’s so important that users can operate the binoculars intuitively and easily,” Kunad added. Featuring the tried-and-true SmartFocus concept and a perfectly positioned larger focusing wheel, users can focus quickly and precisely, even when wearing gloves. Thanks to its large exit pupil in relation to its size, and the modified eyecups, the ZEISS SFL 30 also offers a comfortable viewing experience comparable to larger high-performance binoculars.

The new ZEISS SFL 30 stands out with its particularly compact lightweight and rugged design combined with outstanding optical performance.

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