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ZEISS Otus 1.4/55 Lens for Canon EF mount

The standard lens.

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  • Is a focal length of 55 mm always neither here nor there? A lacklustre lens somewhere between the excitement of super wides and the fascination of long teles? Not when it combines the more than 120 years of optical and mechanical excellence ZEISS is famous for throughout the world. Experience the quality and look of medium format photography – with the ZEISS Otus® 1.4/55. No matter whether you shoot in daylight or at night close up or more distant subjects people objects or landscapes this lens will simply take your breath away with its high resolution and outstanding sharpness in every photographic situation. In short – it’s the best standard lens in the world.
  • Design - In contrast to its predecessors with similar focal lengths and speed this is first time that the Distagon type has been selected for the optical construction of a standard lens. Only this optical design with its considerably longer construction makes it possible to already realize consistently excellent correction from corner to corner of the frame and extremely low image field curvature at a very large initial aperture. Construction: 12 lens elements in 10 groups with aspheric surface made of special glass with anomalous partial dispersion Floating Elements design.
  • The ultimate in image contrast - Aberrations caused by extreme differences between shadows and highlights are particularly obvious in images captured at night. Thanks to the outstanding correction of lateral chromatic aberration the floodlit facade is reproduced with absolute perfection.
  • No colour fringing - Sources of light located in front of or behind the plane of focus present particular challenges to every lens. In the case of the ZEISS Otus longitudinal chromatic aberration is so low that practically no colour fringing occurs.
  • The medium format look - Thanks to its exceptional sharpness the ZEISS Otus exploits the full potentials of contemporary high-resolution sensors and rewards photographers with images characterized by breathtaking rendition of even the finest details.
  • Apochromat - Because this lens is an apochromat chromatic aberrations (axial chromatic aberrations) are corrected with elements of special glass with anomalous partial dispersion. The chromatic aberrations are therefore significantly below the defined limits. Bright-dark transitions in the image and especially highlights are reproduced almost completely free of color artifacts.
  • Aspherical design - The aspherical lens design ensures consistent imaging performance throughout the entire focusing range as well as sharpness to the periphery of the image. The aspheres more complex surface profile can reduce or eliminate spherical aberration and also reduce other optical aberrations compared to a simple lens.

Manufacturer Number 2010-056
UPC/EAN 4047865400893
Weight 4.4753lb
Height 5.7087in
Length 6.8898in
Width 11.496in

(Batis Loxia Milvus Otus Touit Classic ZM Lenses)Only Valid For CanadaZEISS warrants for a period of 2 years from the date of original purchase that the product is free from defects in material and workmanship. An extended warranty for one additional year is available by registering the product within 4-weeks of the date of purchase at the ZEISS product registration. The ZEISS Manufacturer Warranty (“Warranty”) is separated into several regions. The sticker on the product box shows the relevant region for Warranty. Warranty is only available in the region where you purchased the product.During the Warranty period defects will be removed free of charge either by repair or replacement at the discretion of ZEISS. ZEISS’s obligation under this Warranty is limited to repair or replacement by equivalent product in working condition.During the Warranty period we will also service your lens outside your region. In this case the repair service will not be free of charge. This Warranty applies in addition to your legal right to claim warranty towards the seller. The Warranty is not transferable.What Is Not CoveredThis Warranty shall not apply if the defect is attributable to misuse neglect accidental damage alteration of the product or improper treatment including any interference with the product by unauthorized workshops or persons.This Warranty is void if damage is caused by the use of accessories not sold or authorized by ZEISS or from service by persons not authorized by ZEISS. This Warranty does not cover claims resulting from natural disasters (e. g. floods storms fire) acts of war or terrorism and will not apply to damage arising from combat conditions. It will be at ZEISS’s sole discretion to extend service under this Warranty for damage arising from the above-mentioned conditions.Limitations of LiabilityTo the extent possible under the applicable law this Warranty excludes claims for any indirect special punitive incidental or consequential damages and does not cover damages due to the misuse neglect accidental damage mishandling or alteration of the product.Limitation of WarrantiesThis is the exclusive warranty for the products. All other warranties expressed or implied statutory or otherwise including without restriction those of merchantability or of fitness for us are excluded. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.For products purchased outside of the Americas region you must first contact your ZEISS dealer from whom you have purchased your product or the ZEISS distributor responsible in the country of purchase. Only products imported by Gentec International and purchased in Canada from authorized Carl Zeiss Camera Lens dealers carry this Warranty. Carl Zeiss SBE LLC and/or Gentec International will not provide warranty service for products purchased through a non-authorized dealer.Resale of Product and Export RestrictionsResale of this product to anyone outside Canada is subject to export compliance and is not authorized by Carl Zeiss SBE LLC and/or Gentec International.Please visit zeiss.com/photo/warranty for more information.Handling InstructionsPlease review the ZEISS Warranty policy statement for the complete terms and conditions. To validate manufacturer’s warranty coverage for your lens please enclose a copy of the dated sales receipt and if applicable the registration number of your extended warranty. Return shipping charges is the sole responsibility of the original retail purchaser. To obtain service under the warranty policy please return your lens to Gentec International at the following address:Gentec International Service Department90 Royal Crest Court Markham Ontario L3R 9X6

Warranty Duration 2 Years
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